Security Solutions

With the increasing number of attacks on corporate information systems via hacking, viruses, and worms, businesses today are even more in need of protecting their network and services. Business are given an option to either purchase the system for a one time fee, or alternatively, for a nominal monthly access fee, AlwaysOn is able to look after your LAN without the need of any physical device. AlwaysOn can provide a very cost effective way of managing your network by providing Network Access Level control, Bandwidth Management, Content Filtering, Network Antivirus, Managed Firewall, and a lot more features.

  • One 10/100Mbps LAN, and WAN ports
  • NAT mode and DMZ mode
  • DMZ mode requires no changing for the original network structure
  • Traffic classification based on IP, IP range/subnet, and TCP/UDP port range
  • Guaranteed and maximum bandwidth with three levels of priorities
  • Policy-based bandwidth management
  • Assign daily and weekly access schedule to each individual policy
  • Professional Monitor function includes Log, Accounting Report, Statistics, and Status
  • MRTG-like Traffic Statistics, easy to trace and analyze
  • Multi-Servers Load Balancing
  • Dynamic DNS and DHCP server functions
  • Content Filter includes URL, Script, P2P, IM, and Download blocking
  • Hacker Alert and Anomaly Flow Detection
  • Virtual Server and IP mapping (Multi-DMZ Host)
  • Multi-language Web UI and easy to manage
  • User authentication based on user name and password