A premium point-to-point service for organizations that requires dedicated international connectivity with a committed bandwidth.AlwaysOn’s IPLC provides multiple international gateways at various stratergic locations via terrestrial as well as submarine cable landing stations for global traffic requirements. Our terrestrial cross border connections are via Mumbai and Singapore.


Mission-critical operations such as banking, IT, manufacturing, Oil & Gas, or MNCs would need to rely AlwaysOn’s IPLC as it reduces latency, enhances productivity and is more cost effective.

AlwaysOn and its international partners will jointly manage the network to ensure continuous end-to-end monitoring of leased circuits between designated destinations around the world on a whole-circuit basis, ensuring optimal performance and availability.

Features of IPLC service

  • Seamless connection to anywhere in the world
  • Multiple international gateway via terrestrial and cable landing station
  • Dedicated high-speed bandwidth connectivity2Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Secure, reliable and flexible network architecture
  • Scalable bandwidth connectivity
  • Service Level Availability at minimum of 99.7%
  • 24 x 7 x 365 days proactive service monitoring and maintenance support from Network Operation Centre (NOC)

Benefits of IPLC service

  • Extensive Global network coverage – accessible to AlwaysOn service globally via its international strategic partners. through its international network partner
  • Premium bandwidth guaranteed
  • Premium Protected Service – traffic is automatically switched on adverse network path in case of an interruption with customized SLA service based on customer requirements
  • One-Stop-Shop arrangement for optimal convenience -customers have to liaise with only one party with single billing process
  • End-to-end network management – ensure customers enjoy optimum network performance
  • Flexible commercial arrangement – provide customized solution based on customer needs