Fiber Optic

AlwaysOn are also providing dedicated internet bandwidth anywhere in the Dhaka City through through leased (NTTN Operators) underground  fiber and our own overhead Fiber cable is also used whenever applicable for smart businesses. Now you can enjoy high quality, high speed and permanent Internet connection 24 hours a day with high internet bandwidth.

We provide fiber connectivity service with two different segments: Layer 3 Connectivity and Layer 2 Connectivity. Apart from these a dedicated Fiber lease line (Duct Fiber) is provided to meet the requirements of a few clients. With a L2 VPN, the router at site A, and the router at site B, behave as if they are in the same network, and may become ospf or eigrp neighbors with each other, as if they were in the same VLAN. This is smoke and mirrors provided by the service provider, as all the frames and packets are moved across the providers network.

With a L3 VPN, the customer router at site A peers with the provider, and the customer router at site B peers with another router of the provider, and each site router is fed the routes from the remote site. The L3 VPN provides L3 reach ability via routing between the 2 sites, and the traffic is carried over the provider network.

Now we are using VPLS Technology to provide data service in overall Bangladesh where BTCL telephone exchange are available. VPLS can provide more faster & reliable service then MPLS.

Highly secured and protocol independent TDM based point-to-point and point-to-multi point data circuits and leased lines for corporate clients within the country and through IPLC to overseas links over a robust fiber optic underground backbone with an auto-redundancy path facility.