Powerful Wireless Internet Nationwide

AlwaysOn has been providing powerful wireless broadband services Nationwide since 2007. Using licensed spectrum from BTRC, AlwaysOn has implemented a wireless technology that supplies a solid, stable broadband connection up to 35 Km away under all weather conditions. AlwaysOn provides both Internet and Intranet connectivity by both underground optical fiber and wireless network all over Dhaka metropolitan area. Outside Dhaka city, the same high quality connectivity is provided by higher-upload-capable wireless network.

AlwaysOn Network deploys technology with the industry’s largest cell radius and best non-line-of-sight coverage, enabling coverage, capacity and capabilities that far exceed those of a typical wireless system. It offers broadband wireless Internet services in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh employing the latest technology to create highest quality solutions available today.

Why AlwaysOn:

  • Business-quality Internet connectivity
  • Expertise in configuring corporate
  • networks connecting multiple sites with
  • dedicated bandwidth 24×7 monitoring
  • Level of service to support mission-critical communications :
    • Phone Support
    • Remote Desktop Support
    • Onsite Support
    • CRM based Support, Monitoring &Report
  • Quality of services (QoS)
  • Rigorously engineered network helps to eliminate slowdowns
  • Comprehensive range of options to suit needs:
    • Level of access
    • Proactive monitoring and notification
    • Access to 200+ Value Added Services
    • Fault isolation and management
    • Professional Consultancy Services
    • Equipment selection, installation, and maintenance
    • Backed by AlwaysOn’s overseas network service expertise
  • Most powerful end-to-end Broadband Wireless System
  • Absolutely stable even during rain and fog
  • Non-Line-of-Sight subscribers gateways
  • Easy to connect; No complicated installation progress; Plug and Play
  • Exclusive Licensed Frequency
  • No more wires in your premises
  • No more Internet disruption from fiber cuts & damages.