• Powerful Wireless Internet Nationwide

    AlwaysOn has been providing powerful wireless broadband services Nationwide since 2007. Using licensed spectrum from BTRC, AlwaysOn has implemented a wireless technology that supplies a solid, stable broadband connection up to 35 Km away under all weather conditions

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  • Exceeding the extreme power of
    N-LOS Wireless Broadband

    AlwaysOn's technology efficiebtly and effectively delivers superior wireless solutions to ensure the highest capacity & range on a network while meeting the requirements of a wide variety of applications.

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  • Distance is No Longer A Barrier

    View your Factory with our secure remote viewing technology from any location like you are in the next room.

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  • Bringing people closer together more frequently and cost effectively.

    We invite you to use our knowledge and experience to understand the extent that video conferencing can be of benefit to you.

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  • Stay Connected, Even When you're Not There

    AlwaysOn Network delivers a new level of convenience and control so you can review and manage what's happening at multiple locations from anywhere.

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  • Delivering Reliable Wi-Fi Solution

    Our focus is to provide the means to drive the market achieve greater network portability beyond traditional Wi-Fi networks

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New Service

Surveillance Solutions

The remote surveillance system is aimed at the movement of your freedom. This technology can be used by public and private entities. With our technology you can specifically keep an eye on your valuable assets sitting anywhere in the world.

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