Server Co-Location

Co-Location facility is a data center where a client can house their servers, networking and data storage equipment, locally or internationally. This service could be for the purpose of central application hosting, or a redundant back-up or disaster recovery solution. The equipment is then interconnected to the public internet or to your Virtual Private Network (VPN) and is protected by a range of security measures and redundancy protocols. By sharing the costs across a facility as a whole, a customer pays a minimal fee and enjoys greater protection.

Extend your corporate LAN by implementing Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), with no need of a VPN client, you simply plug in and are automatically connected to your Corporate LAN using the same IP subnet. In a VPLS, the LAN at each site is extended to the edge of the provider network. The provider network then emulates a switch or bridge, to connect all of the customers LAN?s to a single bridged LAN.

  • Support – The data-centre is manned and supported round the clock 24/7
  • Reliable Power – UPS back up with redundant generators
  • Total Control – The server is yours, you control it, you secure its data
  • Remote Access – You can access your server remotely via the internet or VPN
  • Redundancy – The data-centre has redundant internet connections; over submarine fiber as well as satellite
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – lowered ROI as a result of less Capex and Opex
  • Facility Specifications
  • Space: adequate rack-space available as well as floor space for customers rack
  • Security: perimeter security steel fence, professional guard and rapid response service and CCTV
  • Access: only authorized personal would be allowed 24/7 access