Remote surveillance


AlwaysOn Network delivers a new level of convenience and control so you can review and manage what’s happening at multiple locations from anywhere. The remote surveillance system is aimed at the movement of your freedom. This technology can be used by public and private entities. With our technology you can specifically keep an eye on your valuable assets sitting anywhere in the world.

  • Reduce theft and secure your operations cost-effectively. The money you will save from reduced shrinkage and improved worker productivity more than offsets this already cost-effective solution.
  • Enable immediate response to incidents. Monitor and access live and recorded video from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You’ll save time and money by no longer having to personally deliver physical evidence to report incidents to law enforcement or insurance companies
  • Minimize impact to existing infrastructure and business interruption with rapid, turnkey solution deployment. Avoid the difficulties and limitations of networking with wires; upgrade existing cameras or install new ones in previously hard-to-reach places.
  • Receive alerts and reports when something is wrong. Surveillance solutions alert first responders automatically, helping them get to the scene quickly with the information they need to respond most effectively.
  • You may be out of office, but your business is still in sight when you deploy a Remote Surveillance M2M solution from Rogers and our Data Alliance members. Provide your main location and external operations with enhanced protection and security today.

    Remote surveillance products secure and monitor people, facilities and assets in a wide range of security applications. Our surveillance model is designed for commercial applications that require recording one or more either network IP cameras or traditional analog CCTV cameras connected to surveillance computer.

    The surveillance system is made up of two primary components: the surveillance computer and the Web server system, which is used to provide remote access to live and recorded video of one or more surveillance computers.


    The surveillance computer captures, compresses, and stores video from connected cameras. You can playback recorded video, control PTZ cameras, detect motion and trigger notification via e-mail or pager.

    The Web server enables remote access to one or more surveillance computers over Internet. The Web server provides a single unified view of multiple systems via Web browser. It also implements storage of recorded events, automated monitoring surveillance outages, remote control PTZ cameras, and sending alerts via e-mail or pager.

    Why Use


    Financial institutions can install surveillance solutions at offices to increase security. Separate video files of each specific action can be stored onto a central Web server for potential future investigation. High image quality leads to easy identification of people and at the cashier in the branch office. Ability to encrypt video files gives additional proof of identity.


    Buildings, offices, shopping-malls and parking lots
    surveillance solutions can monitor buildings, offices, shopping-malls and parking lots securely and easily, thus making these places safer for all visitors. At night, surveillance system can be used to monitor the facility. In the event of an unauthorized entry, motion detection can initiate recording of the intruder and send an immediate notification to security


    surveillance solutions provide additional security over traditional analog systems for retail stores who are constantly exposed to the threat of robbery. Live video is transmitted over Internet and can be stored on a web server in a secure place, rather than on a tape cassette that is reachable by potential criminals.

    Home security
    During the day, you can watch your children, parents, pets etc. remotely trough Internet. At night, motion detection can trigger an alarm, and scare off intruders with a sound siren.