Customized Backhauls

AlwaysOn Offers backhaul solutions provide high-capacity, efficient and secure wireless bridging with extreme durability. Selecting the best wireless backhaul solution requires an optimal balance between speed, distance, price and scalability. We offer a range of customizable radio or microwave-based Backhaul solutions for license-exempt point-to-point backhaul bridging, point-to-multipoint IP backhauling, and point-to-multipoint TDM backhauling. Using our low-cost backhaul solutions operators are able to guarantee fast time-to-market with reliable high-quality network services.

  • Simple-to-install, high-capacity, efficient and secure wireless bridging
  • Range of options available in several configurations for optimal cost/performance in every deployment
  • Enables data and VoIP services in the 5 GHz bands
  • Efficient and secure connectivity for a variety of applications
  • Based on proven technology, AlwaysOn is long been experienced in High Capacity Customized Backhauls solutions. The hardware includes:

  • AirSpan
  • Alvarion
  • SAF Tehnika
  • Ubiquiti